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Our team has at their fingertips the latest knowledge and understanding of CRM technology to take your customers' experience to a new level. Unlock the full power of a connected operation that provides your customers consistent high quality service at every touchpoint.

Unlock the tools your business needs to thrive.

We build solutions using Salesforce that help businesses sell to other businesses. We unite sales, service, marketing, and operations, to bring a single source of truth to the entire organization.

Solutions for Business

Drive growth and efficiency for your sales operation.

Sell faster and smarter with a tool optimized for your unique sales operation. Our team of Salesforce experts can build a solution that supports your unique products, services, and sales teams to drive growth and productivity for your organization.

Track leads and opportunities
Automate sales processes
Manage sales pipeline
Leverage sales insights with AI and intelligence
Manage sales territories
Forecast revenue
Build and manage quotes
Manage accounts and contacts
Ensure data validation and security

Business Value Achievable

Grow revenue with a more agile and efficient sales operation.
Boost sales productivity with AI and the latest CRM tools.
Streamline sales processes to drive powerful insights form your sales data.
Boost customer satisfaction by enabling a personalized and high quality customer experience.
Drive up customer satisfaction while driving down costs.

Enable a modern approach to service with a solution aimed at driving high customer satisfaction without higher costs.

Robust case management
Automate service processes
Track a timeline of interactions with customers
Manage and fulfill service agreements
Route cases to agents based on expertise and availability using automation
Analyze live service data and be ready to take action
Centralize customer data in one place

Business Value Achievable

Scale your service operation with automation.
Reduce service cost with tools such as case deflection.
Drive up customer satisfaction with a centralized view of the customer.
Build customer loyalty with personalized service interactions.
Drive quality leads and opportunities with an effective marketing solution.

Enable a personalized approach to marketing that cultivates lasting relationships and revenue. Understand what marketing efforts connect with your customers and optimize campaign efforts for maximum ROI.

Intelligent campaign management
AI driven marketing insights
Campaign effectiveness ROI analysis and reporting
Manage and fulfill service agreements
Create logical automated marketing engagements
Unified view of the customer

Business Value Achievable

Generate a stronger sales pipeline with effective marketing campaigns.
Improve marketing ROI by optimizing campaign effectiveness to drive more quality leads and opportunities.
Enable a more targeted and personalized marketing experience with a unified view of the customer.
Capitalize on opportunities when they happen with insights powered by AI.
Enable seamless interactions with your customers and partners.

Whether you need to manage partnership relationships, provide customer support, facilitate a commerce site, distribute marketing/support content, or enable a customer support community, Mavtron can build a solution to fit your organization's needs.

Enable customer communities
Drive commerce
Onboard and manage partners
Self-service help centers
AI powered interactions
Distribute content intelligently
Integrated with your CRM

Business Value Achievable

Drive partner success with easy onboarding and support.
Drive customer success with a support community and an intelligent feedback loop.
Drive revenue with an intuitive and intelligent commerce experience for your customers.
Improve customer service with inteligent self-service functionally.
Custom Solutions
Drive success for your unique business.

For every unique element of your organization, Mavtron can build solutions to drive success. Whether it be a unique business process, eliminating soiled data, integrations of external systems, or other custom applications, our team can drive excellence for your organization.

Custom data models for unique business use cases
Automations to support unique business processes
Integrations with external systems
Custom applications
Highly agile solutions
Cost effective solutions
Fully integrated with your CRM

Business Value Achievable

Increase operational efficiency with custom applications.
Increase operational strength with automations and integrations.
Drive customer success with a unified view of all business data.
Secure sensitive business data with highly granular data validation and security controls.
Project Management
Bring operational excellence to your customers and organization.

Drive operational excellence with a powerful project management solution. Whether conducting customer onboarding, implementations, installations, or internal projects, enable a new level of operational excellence. Connect project management seamlessly with your CRM to drive a single source of truth.

Powerful task management
Robust resource mangement
Project automation
Extensive project visibility  (e.g. Kanban, Row, Calendar, Gantt chart)
Project templates
Reporting and analytics
Powerful collaboration
Fully integrated with your CRM

Business Value Achievable

Drive operational efficiency with clear oversight into projects.
Reduce internal headache with powerful collaboration functionality
Optimize operations with real-time visibility into project data.
Accelerate time to value by providing great and consistent customer experiences.
Digital Transformation